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* Product availability and selection may change with seasonality 
   of ingredients or introduction of new items.  Check back often.
Apple - just the right amount of  cinnamon  in a buttery                                    flaky  crust
Super Crunch Pecan - a  bounty of  pecans in a rich                                                                               caramel filling, buttery flaky crust                                                                                 
Sweet Potato - smooth filling nicely spiced

Strawberry Rhubarb - fresh & fruity with a hint of orange, 
                                                             lattice crust, a real taste of nostalgia
Peach Blueberry - latticed beauty, intensely peachy
Pumpkin Harvest - old-time favorite, rich and spicy, topped 
                                                     with a crisp buttery pecan streusel

Call or come in to order. 407-730-7315
Shop hours 11am-6pm Tues.-Sat.
All pies serve up to 8 generously
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Award Winning Pie Today!
Black Cherry - the richness of black sweet cherries, tart
                                        cherry juices and almond crumb topping     
                                        create a delicious combination.  





The items that are on display in the store are sold by the slice. Whole items must be ordered at least 72 hours in advance.  Major holidays will have a limited selection of bakery items for ordering and require further notice. This information will be posted several weeks prior to the holiday. Orders are accepted according to space availability.

Thank you